About Our Products

Custom Printed Tyvek Bibs
Our bibs are printed on Tkvek. This is the same material used for 98% of the events that use bibs. Tyvek feels like paper but is actually a synthetic material that resists tearing. It also withstands harsh weather conditions. We print on Tyvek with high quality printers that pick up the finest detail.

Custom Printed Bib-Shirts
Our bib shirts are made of the finest moisture wicking fabric available. They are microbial and odor resistant. Built to endure, our shirts provide optimal temperature control even under harsh conditions. Our print process is the best available for today's performance fabrics. The print is not topically on top of the fabric but rather dyed into it. There is no feel to the ink, it doesn't affect the breathability of the shirt, and won't fade, crack, or peel.


Our custom Tyvek Bibs & Bib-Shirts are officially approved by the events that we work with.