Our FAQ page will answer most of your questions and provide you with valuable information about our bib shirts & custom shirts.
1. Question: How do I determine my right size?
   Answer: Please take time to read the size descriptions on our Product Info page and to compare actual measurements to your own apparel. Due to sponsor agreements with some races we may be using that races specific sponsor clothing. If applicable this will be mentioned on the race order page.

2. Question: What if the race uses a timing system with the timing chip on the bib?
   Answer: We work with many races that have the timing chip adhered to the back of the bib. If you are in one of these races we will issue you a timing chip for your shoe. The shoe chip will be compatable with the timing system for any event we are a part of.

3. Question: Is my name automatically printed on my bib shirt?
   Answer: No. Your name or any other custom information will only be added if you type it in the field that says "Add Name And/Or Custom Text". If you choose to leave this field blank no personalized information will appear on your bib.

4. Question: Do I have to provide you with my assigned race number?
   Answer: No. We work hand-in-hand with the race and will receive your assigned number directly from the event organization.
5. Question: Will I still get my paper number?
   Answer: Yes. You will still receive your paper number from your event however you can wear your WYN shirt in place of the paper number.
6. Question: How soon after ordering will I receive my shirt?
   Answer: Bib shirts will be mailed approximately two weeks prior to the race. Most events don't issue the numbers or finalize their bib artwork until close to the event date. This prevents us from sending them sooner. Custom shirts will be shipped within  1-3 days from ordering.
7. Question: Is this just an "iron-on"?
   Answer: No. We use a the best printing method available for printing on today's performance apparel. The artwork is dyed in to the fabric. You will not feel it and it won't fade, crack, or peel.
8. Question: Can I choose my number?
   Answer: No. Your number is issued by the race organization and we must print the number that has been assigned to you. You can however choose to have your name or custom message added under your number.
9. Question: What will my bib look like?
   Answer: For the most part the bib printed on your shirt will look like your events official paper bib number. We make space for you to add your name or personal message. For some races we have been given permission to add artwork inorder to enhance the looks of the shirt. 
10. Question: I was told I shouldn't try anything new in a race. Is this taking a risk?
   Answer: That is typically with shoes, shorts, and food. The vast majority of our customers feel they were better off in one of our shirts.There is no better performance fabric available!

11. Question: I missed the order deadline. Can I still place an order and receive it in time for my race?
     Answer: Still place your order. Most of the time we can accommodate late orders however it's not guaranteed. You will not be charged if we can't complete your order in time.
12. Question: Can I have my order shipped somewhere other than my home address?
     Answer: Yes. When entering your order information you will be asked for a specific shipping address. We can even ship to a hotel to your attention. Simply contact us with your order number and date of arrival.
13. Question: Which races will you be printing on location at? 
     Answer: We will be printing at the race expo's of all events marked with an *. However, we suggest pre-ordering to avoid higher expo prices, save time, and guarantee we don't run out of sizes. 
14. Question: Can I cancel or change my order? 
     Answer: Contact us immediately. If we haven’t processed your order we will issue you a refund. If we have already processed your order you will be charged for the items purchased.
15. Question: Can I have a number printed this way for any race?
     Answer: No. We can only print numbers for races listed on our website.
16. Question: I have a question that wasn’t answered on this page. What do I do? 
     Answer: Please contact us by email or telephone. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. 
                  Email: CustomerService@WearYourNumber.com

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